If you look out into your yard and grimace at the appearance of your pool, it is time to call a professional for pool resurfacing services. While professional installation of a pool expands the lifetime of a pool, over time it is inevitable that your pool will chip in spots or the lining will become discolored. You don’t have to live with an outdated pool however, because we have a team of experts skilled in pool renovation who can promptly and affordably give your pool a facelift.

Pool Restoration Options Do I Have in Vienna, Virginia

We can help you restore your pool in multiple ways, depending on where the damage is and what your vision for your pool is. We do not have to be the original builders in order to rebuild your pool, in fact, in most cases we are not. Before doing any work, we will come out and offer you a free estimate based on what you want done. Our expert team will offer suggestions, but ultimately will listen to you talk about what bothers you the most and then give you an affordable estimate that will help fix your issues. We can deal with both safety and aesthetic issues.

Most people choose to have a new pool finish put on their pool or even go as far as to add pool mosaics and tiles to really update the look of a pool. Our Vienna, Virginia pool resurfacing team can offer you the choose of many colors and textures if you are looking at a pool finish. These finishes can be applied to both concrete and fiberglass pools.

Can I Add onto My Pool?

If you moved into a home that had an existing pool, your focus may be on really making the pool yours. You can easily do this by adding on special looks such as rock waterfalls, fountains, or sheet falls. This can turn an everyday pool into a backyard retreat.

Why Hire a Professional for Vienna, Virginia Pool Resurfacing?

Pool resurfacing is not something that you should attempt on your own, because not only is it complicated, but the project should be completed by someone that is aware of proper safety procedures. All of the team members that work at Vienna, Virginia pool restoration NOW are highly trained and are fully licensed. We can guarantee a hassle-free experience, so if you are looking at your pool in disgust, stop into our office today to see how we can change that.