If you’re ready to turn your backyard pool into a beautiful oasis or tropical paradise, then you need to contact Pool Restoration NOW in Sarasota. We have the manpower, equipment and knowledge to turn your dreams into a reality.

Pool Restoration and Resurfacing

After many years of wear and tear, your pool may begin to crack. There may be chips and stains. These imperfections are unattractive. Leaving your pool in disrepair can also cause injury to swimmers. Our Sarasota, Florida pool resurfacing is a great option that will allow you to enjoy your swimming pool once again. We can create a smooth and vibrant surface for your pool. We offer a wide variety of styles, colors and materials from which to choose. When you enlist the help of Pool Restoration NOW, you won’t be disappointed.

Resurfacing Options

You will have many resurfacing options for your pool when you decide that our Sarasota, Florida pool restoration is right for you. Our professional pool builders can help you decide which materials and colors will be appealing to the eye and match your personal style. We use some of the best pool finishes on the market that are durable, attractive and affordable. Some of our finishes include:

  • Quartz
  • Glass Tile
  • Pebble Finish
  • Plaster
  • Ceramic Tile

Reasons To Resurface Your Pool

You may notice many imperfections in your pool that develop over time. You may even notice that your pool just looks outdated. Rest assured that Pool Restoration NOW can turn you worn and outdated pool into a modern swimming pool that will last for many years to come. Some of the most common reasons why you might request our Sarasota, Florida pool resurfacing services include:

  • Your pool is pitted, etched or chipped
  • You notice rust spots and discolorations despite regular cleaning and maintenance
  • There’s a constant chemical imbalance in your pool
  • Your pool has an outdated look

Your swimming pool becomes the focal point of your home. This is great if your pool looks great. However, if it’s in disrepair or out of style, then it can reduce the value of your home. If you’re thinking about selling your property, this could be a big deal since an old pool can reduce the value of your home by $20,000 or more. Not only is our Sarasota, Florida pool restoration a great monetary investment, but your restored pool will be a point of pride and enjoyment.

When you contact Pool Restoration NOW, you’ll be greeted by a friendly associate who will answer your questions. When you’re ready, you can set up a no-obligation appointment for a free pool renovation consultation. We’ll explain the process to you and keep you informed every step of the way. Give us a call today.