For many homeowners, a pool can be a vital component of an attractive and pleasant property. However, we understand that age, weather and other events can often leave a pool in need of restoration. For that reason, we can provide for all of your Rockville pool restoration needs.

When a Pool Needs Restoration

Many pools suffer from a cracked and chipped surface, leaks, malfunctioning pool lights and damaged pumping systems. At best, these faults can produce an unattractive pool while at worst, they can actually pose a risk of injury to those individuals using the pool. In fact, a damaged or decayed pool can pose a substantial liability risk to the property owner, making it imperative that the pool be restored to a safe condition.

In other cases, a damaged pool can have a serious impact on the property’s resale value. Whether you are thinking about selling your home or seeking a loan based on the value of your property, having a pool in need of restoration can see thousands of dollars slashed from your home’s value. In fact, one of our most important services to our clients is ensuring that their pools contribute to, rather than detract from, their property values.

Restoring Your Pool

Our trained pool restoration experts can visit your home and evaluate your pool, allowing us to determine exactly what needs to be done to ensure that your pool becomes an attractive part of your property. In addition to eliminating cracks, leaks and restoring pumping and water filtration systems, we can ensure that your pool finish is attractive and current. We can also add various features such as waterfalls, fountains and rock surfacing for that natural look. After all, there’s no reason to have a pool that looks like it was made in the 1970s when you can have a 21st century pool in your backyard.

We Can Also Protect Your Wallet

We have worked to ensure that our Rockville pool resurfacing and restoration services can fit all types of budgets. Our free initial consultation will help us determine exactly what type of restoration services best fit your pool and your financial resources. With a wide range of payment plans, we can ensure that you can enjoy your newly restored pool without worrying about how you will be able to pay for it.

Stop Worrying About Your Pool

We understand how important having an attractive and usable pool can be to our clients. For that reason, we treat every client with the utmost care and consideration. Our specialists know that your pool isn’t just a part of your property, but is also a vital part of what makes your property your home. Our Rockville pool restoration service can ensure that you’ll have nothing but good thoughts when you walk outside of your house and look at your newly restored pool.