Are you planning for a swimming pool makeover? At Pool Restoration Now, we the expertise to customize your pool and make your concept a reality. We are the leading pool renovation experts in Northern Virginia and its surrounding. If your pool has not been maintained for years, is outdated, damaged, or you simply want to install a few trendy features, we are here to provide you with unmatched pool remodeling services.

Pool Remodeling and Renovation

If your pool has aged or finally given in to extreme weather conditions, Pool Restoration Now can fix it for you. We are the top-notch experts in all kinds of pool remodeling and renovation services. Our customers have always expressed happiness and satisfaction in our services, including those on the verge of removing their pools.

Remodeling a pool is hard work. You need to work with a trusted and reliable company like Pool Restoration Now. Our renovation projects speak for themselves. We take care of every tiny detail until your pool looks as good as new. We pride ourselves in our cutting edge pool renovation technology and our experts who have a rich experience in the industry.

Pool Renovation Services

Our pool renovation services include; pool re-tilting, pool resurfacing, and adding pool lighting or changing the existing ones.

Pool Re-Tilting

We replace the tiles in your pool to give it a new and more beautiful look.

Pool Resurfacing

Your pool’s surface could be cracking or chipping. No matter how small these damages may seem, if left untreated, they can eventually become bigger and cause major problems such as leaking. Resurfacing the pool early enough will save you huge future maintenance costs and ensure a longer lifespan.

Depth Renovation

If you have been thinking of adding a water slide or diving board to your pool but are worried about its depth, we can help. Contact us today and let us increase the depth of your swimming pool in no time.

If you want to improve your pool’s appearance or increase its functionality, look no further than Pool Restoration Now. Some of our remodeling services include

Water Features

We remodel pools to give them an aesthetic appeal. We can add a waterfall, water arches, and so many other water features to your pool.

Pool Lighting

If you want to enjoy swimming at night or improve your pool’s appearance, we are here to help you. We add lighting to your pool as well as change the existing one. Changing your pool’s lighting can also help you cut down on the electricity bills. We can help you install a more energy-efficient lighting system.

Pool Resizing

If you are worried that your outdoor space is too small, we can help increase it by reducing your pool size. We can also increase your pool’s size it if you think it’s too small.

Why Pool Restoration Now?

We provide swimming pool restoration services to both residential and commercial pool owners. Whether your pool is made of merbelite or fiberglass, you can trust us to repair it, give it a complete makeover, or make any other adjustment that will bring its beauty and life back. We strictly follow all pool restoration guidelines to ensure we meet and even surpass your expectations.

We have a track record of happy and satisfied clients from many pool projects we have successfully completed in Northern Virginia and beyond. We offer quality, efficient and budget-friendly services to all our clients. If you are planning to make any changes to your existing pool, Pool Restoration Now is your best partner. Once we are done working on your pool, you’ll wonder why you had taken so long to reach us. There is no pool remodeling job that is too big or too small for us, give us a call today to enjoy world-class customer experience and top-of-the-line pool remodeling services.