Swimming pools can be the jewel of your property. As they begin to get older, however, they can develop unattractive chipping, discoloration, and rust. You do not have to completely replace your pool to have a beautiful pool area. Pool Restoration NOW provides professional pool resurfacing pool restoration services for Germantown, Maryland.

When your swimming pool is showing its age, it can make it look like you just don’t care. It could also appear a bit unsafe when your pool and deck are past their prime. Pool resurfacing transforms your aging pool into the pool of your dreams.

We offer a full range of pool renovation services that can erase the signs of age and return its initial appeal. We have over a quarter century of experience in a variety of pool restoration options, including pool resurfacing, pool remodeling, pool re-tiling, and deck resurfacing.

Create an Inviting Oasis with Pool Restoration NOW Services

Trust the professionals at Pool Restoration NOW for the finest pool renovation services in Germantown, Maryland. We provide high-quality pool restoration services to our customers. We are insured and licensed, so you are guaranteed a professional pool renovation. We can handle pools of all sizes and shapes and give you a swimming pool that makes you proud again to be a pool owner again.

Invest in Pool Renovation Services from Pool Restoration NOW

Making an investment in pool restoration services is investment in your property. While an old, outdated swimming pool detracts from the value and visual appeal of your property, pool restoration can turn your pool into a welcoming retreat.

We provide a comprehensive selection of pool restoration services, so you can rejuvenate your pool area. Among our services are:

Pool Resurfacing

Get rid of the unattractive signs that your swimming pool is outdated with pool resurfacing from Pool Restoration NOW. We have a wide variety of pool finishes, with many textures and colors from which to create your masterpiece.

Pool Re-tiling

We offer a broad array of pool tiles and mosaics that will create a swimming pool that gets attention.

Pool Remodeling

Turn your swimming pool into a unique aquatic experience. We can add your choice of water features, such as water arches, water walls, and waterfalls. We can also install other eye-catching features to your pool, such as tanning ledges and swim-up bars, to make a visit to your pool an event.

Pool Lighting

Swim whenever you want to with exciting pool lighting. Grab a night swim with friends any day of the week and keep your guests safe while you do. Energy-efficient options offer savings on your utility bill, which make it an even better idea.

Deck Remodeling

When your deck was new, it was beautiful. As it ages and incurs wear and surface damage from the elements, it can take away from your pool’s original appeal. At Pool Restoration NOW, we provide deck resurfacing services to make your deck look new again. Be proud of your decking again with deck resurfacing instead of replacing the whole thing.

Contact the Experts at Pool Restoration NOW

Transform your plain, outdated swimming pool into your personal retreat from the world with pool renovation services from Pool Restoration NOW in Germantown, Maryland. We offer professional services at an affordable price, so you can enjoy using your pool again. Let our knowledgeable staff help you choose the services you will need to create a stunning pool area.

Contact us today at Pool Restoration NOW to find out more about our complete line of swimming pool restoration services for Germantown, Maryland.