Pool Restoration in Gaithersburg, Maryland

Has your swimming pool lost its appeal? Investing in professional pool restoration services could transform your outdated pool into an exciting attraction. When you decide to return the beauty back to your old swimming pool, Pool Restoration NOW is ready to help.

We provide high-quality pool renovation and restoration services for Frederick, Maryland. Swimming pools often show signs of extreme wear and damage when they age. The pool surface can rust, chip, and become unattractive from discoloring. With our services, we can turn back the clock on your pool’s surface and add some inviting innovations. We have more than 25 years of experience in a wide range of services, including pool resurfacing, deck resurfacing, and pool landscaping and lighting.

Pool Renovation from Pool Restoration NOW

When your pool surface starts to show its age, it can detract from your swimming enjoyment. Not only does it lack its original visual appeal, it can make your pool look uncared for and even unsafe to use.

With professional pool resurfacing and renovation, you can make your swimming pool a place where everyone wants to be. We offer a full line of pool restoration services to return your swimming pool to its original beauty.

Pool Resurfacing

Our professional swimming pool resurfacing services can take the unattractive signs of aging from your pool. We can turn your discolored, rusty, and chipped pool surface into a visually stunning centerpiece.

At Pool Restoration NOW, we offer you a full range of pool finishes to choose from, so you can have the look you want. You can choose from an array of colors and textures, so you can match the aesthetics of your pool area easily. We also have a broad selection of exciting mosaics and pool tiles to bring life back to your pool.

Deck Remodeling

We provide deck resurfacing to turn your faded, outdated decking into a stunning addition to your pool. With professional deck resurfacing, your deck will look new again and add beauty to your swimming pool area.

Pool Landscaping

Our innovative pool landscaping services create a welcoming oasis for you to enjoy. Surround your pool with tropical vacation appeal by transforming your humdrum pool area into an exciting retreat with unique pool landscaping services.

Pool Lighting

At Pool Restoration NOW, we offer much more than beautification. We can install pool lighting to lengthen your daily swim time. Illuminate your swimming pool for night swimming and make your guests safer at the same time. We can also exchange your old pool lighting to energy-efficient lighting, so you save money and energy.

Qualified Gaithersburg, Maryland Pool Renovation from Pool Restoration NOW

To ensure that you receive a professional pool resurfacing or renovation, you need to make sure you have the right company for the job. At Pool Restoration NOW, we take pride in providing all our customers with high-quality pool restoration services that they will enjoy for years to come.

We have been restoring swimming pools for more than 25 years and are fully insured and licensed. Our team of restoration professionals is fully trained in the right way to resurface a swimming pool. We offer efficient services but don’t cut any corners or rush to move on to the next job. We make sure to take the time that is necessary to provide beautiful, lasting results, every time.

We also understand that each of our customers has a different budget for pool restoration services. That’s why we offer a wide variety of options for your pool renovation and competitive rates for service. We want every customer to get the beautiful pool restoration job they desire.

Contact us today at Pool Restoration NOW to find out more about our comprehensive pool renovation services for Gaithersburg, Maryland.