Professional Pool Restoration for Frederick, Maryland

Is your swimming pool looking a little past its prime? Pool restoration services could turn your plain old pool into an inviting retreat for family fun and relaxation. When you want to bring your swimming pool back to life, contact Pool Restoration NOW for quality pool renovation services.

We take pride in turning your swimming pool into a thing of beauty. Not only can we make your aging pool look like it did when it was new, we can create an exciting haven from the world outside. For more than 25 years we have provided excellent services, including pool resurfacing, deck remodeling, and pool lighting.

Services from Pool Restoration NOW

Aging swimming pools often begin to lose their appeal. The surface can become discolored, rust, and chip. These surface issues can make your pool look dirty and possibly unsafe. When your swimming pool starts to lose its visual appeal, consider what professional pool resurfacing and restoration can do for you.

Pool Restoration NOW provides a wide variety of pool services to transform your lackluster pool into an exciting attraction.

Pool Resurfacing

We provide professional swimming pool resurfacing services that can erase years of rusting and chipping. We can return your pool to its original color, removing its unattractive discoloring.

We offer a broad selection of pool finishes, so you can get the unique look you want. With an array of textures and colors, you can choose one that fits your design style. We offer a diverse line of pool tiles and mosaics to add a splash of life to your pool area.

Deck Remodeling

We offer deck resurfacing to make your faded, old decking look beautiful again. We can turn your worn, outdated deck into a welcoming entrance to your pool. With a new deck surface, it will look like you had a brand new deck installed in your swimming pool area.

Pool Lighting

Enjoy your pool longer each day with pool lighting. Create a stunning visual display for night swimming while providing safety for swimmers. If you already have lighting around your pool, let us install more energy-efficient pool lighting. You’ll save money and resources.

Finding Qualified Pool Renovation Services in Frederick, Maryland

The first, and most important, step to pool renovation is hiring the right professional. When you choose Pool Restoration NOW, you will always get a quality pool renovation at a fair price. There are a lot of advantages to trusting the professionals at Pool Renovation NOW.

Properly Licensed and Insured

Working with an amateur is basically asking for trouble. There is no way they can provide the same professional results as the experts. We are fully licensed and insured, so you are guaranteed a high-quality pool restoration.

Skilled and Experienced Crew

You need to know that your pool renovation is in capable hands. Our pool restoration experts are fully trained and skilled in pool renovation and have over 25 years of experience.

Fully Equipped for the Job

Some businesses offer pool restoration as a sideline. But at Pool Restoration NOW, providing professional pool renovation is our specialty. We are fully equipped with the right tools to efficiently return your swimming pool’s appeal.

Professional Service

Superior customer service and professional results are the cornerstones of our business. We provide efficient, top-quality work in a professional manner.

Affordable Pricing

Every household has a different budget. At Pool Restoration NOW, we offer competitive rates. That way, everyone can find the professional services they need to bring their old pool back to life.

Contact us today at Pool Restoration NOW for more information about our comprehensive line of pool restoration services for Frederick, MD.