Over the years, your swimming pool can suffer from wear and tear. Chips, rust spots, outdated finishes—these are common problems that pool owners know all too well. Pool Restoration Now services residential and commercial pool owners throughout Bethesda. We feature a full spectrum of pool restoration solutions designed to bring your swimming pool back to life and looking as attractive as you want it to. If you need your pool refinished or want to add new options like additional water features, contact the pros of Pool Restoration Now.

Bethesda Pool Resurfacing

As a leading Bethesda pool restoration service, Pool Restoration Now offers you reliable service based on our years of experience. Our technicians have the expertise needed to deliver all of our services. We can visit your pool to help you determine what solutions will work best for you. Get to know our offerings and let us enhance the look of your pool.

Pool Restoration Options

Pool Restoration Now can enhance your swimming pool with our restoration solutions. Here are some of our most popular options:

Swimming Pool Finishes

Whether you have a fiberglass or concrete pool, our technicians can help you select the ideal finish for your pool. We offer multiple textures and colors to select from. A new finish will transform the look of your pool, breathing new life into its design.

Mosaics and Tiles

If you want to upgrade the appearance of your pool, consider installing mosaics and tiles in any type of pattern you have in mind. Our pros have substantial experience laying mosaics in a multitude of traditional and contemporary patterns. We use highly durable products that are designed to last.

Custom Water Features

Call Pool Restoration Now to help you create your backyard oasis. We can install gorgeous rock waterfalls, sheet falls, and fountains that will complement your swimming pool and backyard. Looking for a sleek, ultra-modern look for you setting? How about a vanishing edge for your pool? Talk to our professionals about some of the ideas you have in mind. We can work together to help you achieve your desired outcome.

Enhance your outdoor living with a newly refinished swimming pool. By maintaining its look, you can help to maintain its value. Call for an appointment today.