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Do you wish to keep your pool looking attractive? If your pool is etched or chipped, rusty spots and discolorations despite you constant maintenance or it still looks outdated then you need our pool resurfacing services. We at pool restoration now will bring back your pool to life.



We can assist you with your pool resurfacing journey even though we did not build it. Below are a few of the restoration options available;

Pool finishes

You can choose from a wide variety of textures and colors to choose from to get that perfect pool finish. It does not matter if you have a fiberglass or a concrete pool our experts will help you choose the best finish.

Pool mosaics and tiles

Use tiles and mosaics to tap into your creativity. The professionals in our teams will help you choose from the durable and beautiful tiles for your pool.

Custom pool and water features

Add a special look to your pool with special water features like fountains, sheet falls and rock waterfalls. They make your backyard a retreat. Some pool features like negative and vanishing edges help you create that contemporary look you seek. Share your thoughts with our experts.

Why should you consider hiring us?


All members of our team are highly trained and have the highest level of professionalism. They treat all the clients with utmost respect. They leave the working area clean and respect the property and privacy of the client.

Years of experience

Having been in the business for years, we have accumulated necessary expertise. We have the expertise to handle any complication that comes our way. We are also up to date with all the new and trending options available and making them available to our clients. We are fully licensed contractors and fully licensed.


We own all the equipment used in the process. You are therefore assured there are no subcontractors that could derail the project. We finish the job within the time limit given.

Contact our office to get a free estimate from our in house pool professionals who are always ready to assist new clients. Hire us to get the job done by professionals and in a timely manner.

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Bored With Your Pool?

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Our team of qualified professional will work with you to realize your dream. Let us work with you to create that tropical paradise in your backyard. Have a consultation with the experts where you review a range of products that have been designed to meet your budget. We ensure that the job is done well the first time. With many years of experience we have gained experience that enables us deliver a pool that you can enjoy like never before.



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Experience with the top brands in the pool industry.

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Just because you have an old pool don’t think that you can not renovate your pool with snazzy new features.  Swimming pool restoration is more then just resurfacing the pool.  We can also add waterfalls, spas, custom lights, spas, gratos and more.  Give your pool the facelift that it so desperately needs.


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